refrigerator repair friscoCompany FAQs

Q: How long have you been repairing refrigerators in Frisco TX?
Refrigerator Repair Frisco has been providing Frisco TX residents with high quality service.

Q: Is your company’s service call free?
We will waive our service call charge if you will agree to complete the repair job with us.

Q: Are your repair estimates free?
Of course. We provide free estimates to all of our existing and new clients.

Q: What forms of payment does your company accept?

Our company accepts following types of payments: credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), personal or company checks, and cash.

Q: Is your service guaranteed and warrantied?
Yes, of course it is. All of our work is guaranteed and warrantied.

Q: What type of warranty does your company offer?
All repairs are completely covered with a parts and labor warranty. 90-Day guarantee on service and parts.

Q: Do you offer  same day service?
Yes, we provide same day service.

Q: What areas does your company cover?
Our services are offered in Frisco TX and the surrounding areas of  Dallas TX, Plano TX, McKinney TX, and Richardson TX.

Q: What are your business hours?
8am-6pm Monday – Saturday

Q: Does your company offer residential service?
Yes, our company provides all homeowners with a top-notch repair service. We take care of the installation, maintenance, and repair; while our clients enjoy our great service and quality work performed by Refrigerator Repair Frisco TX professionals!

Q: What kind of parts do you use at the time of the repair?
Experts at Refrigerator Repair Frisco TX use only factory-recommended genuine parts.

Refrigerator Repair FAQs

refrigerator repair frisco

Q: Why does my refrigerator buzz?
Refrigerators usually emit sounds when running. The compressor kicks in and hums to a certain degree. There may be a loose panel or screw that has developed. Refrigerator Repair Frisco can certainly help out if it’s more than that!

Q: How often should I clean under the fridge?
It’s good practice to pull out the refrigerator and clean underneath about once a year. It does get dusty underneath and pet hair can collect along with the occasional pen. Cleaning is a matter of preference.

 If your refrigerator is not staying cold, is operating strangely, or not operating at all, call Refrigerator Repair Frisco right away at (972) 891-5954 !